About Us

A few words about who we are

Statek Otradovice is part of the GOT International Group of companies and acts as the group's training center, education center as well as offsets the groups Carbon foot print globally.

Statek Otradovice encompassed 42 ha of land, lakes, fields and forests in the Czech Republic.

Statek Otradovice has been a sustainable farm, training and education centre since 2007.

Who we are

The Global Outsourcing Team started nine years ago from a desire to combine all the knowledge and connections between the large network of our founder, Ingmar Booij. Complex requests are our specialty and we love using our big international footprint for the benefit of our clients. We are a major provider of consulting services within the global outsourcing sector and are proud to say we are truly globally active: we can cater to your international needs in 70+ countries.

What we do

We are specialized in all corporate needs when working overseas or hiring someone from a foreign country. We can provide you with a local specialist in the areas below, all the while working under one contract to keep a clear overview of our agreement.

Our business

Our big international footprint is tangible for every client who works with us. Our employees and international network are 100% local, experienced, and up to our standards. We are proud to say we can deliver globally oriented services in more than 95 countries spread out over the globe. Our specialists in each country speak the local language, are familiar with the local culture and laws, and are able to execute your requests according to local workflows.


Our partners play a major role in increasing our reach and services to our clients.

We are proud to have numerous international partners who are experts in local immigration and relocation. We work with them to facilitate and simplify the work and streamline the process of its implementation.